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PA|Secretarial Skill


1. To prepare and develop delegates for their roles and responsibilities as Frontline Executive staff members
2. To equip delegates with the necessary Administration, Frontline & PA/Secretarial skills & knowledge to:
• Develop and nurture a relationship of trust and support in the organisation
• Effectively equip and enable dynamic PA/Secretaries, Frontline Staff and Office Administrators with skills and tools to achieve excellence in the key role they perform within their organisation

DAY 1:

• Frontline Management – Key Principles
• Creating a professional frontline image
• Ensuring that all information is obtained and readily available
• Cultural diversity in the workplace
• Dealing with complaints and irritated callers
• Time management & planning
• Principles of being professional through attitude and behaviour
• Being Professional: Roles & responsibilities attached to the position
• Accepting responsibility & following through instructions with initiative
• Maintaining a positive, proactive & enthusiastic attitude
• Being proactive & solution orientated
• Confidentiality on various levels
• Effective communication & various communication mediums:
Business correspondence, grammar, editing, memo, report writing, etc.

DAY 2:
• Meeting management
• Professional telephone etiquette/netiquette
• Dealing with internal & external customers professionally & with confidence
• Dealing with criticism, avoiding office gossip, handling difficult situations
• Techniques for effective communication
• Active Listening techniques
• Personal development put into action
• Practical examples and role plays
• Various Questioning Methods
• Executing Enquiries
• Various etiquette issues in diverse business situations
• Techniques to improve office professionalism

DAY 3:
• Assessment/practical assignment
• Presentation of assignment to facilitator and Group

• PA/Secretaries, Frontline Staff & Office Administrators who want to develop personal effectiveness and broaden their contribution
• People who want to achieve excellence in the service they provide to colleagues and clients
• Experienced and Inexperienced employees
• Support staff with customer and supplier contact
• Front line staff/Receptionists/Secretaries/Office Administrators

• Roles and responsibilities within the business environment
• Adapting to change effectively and efficiently
• Effective and rewarding habits
• Improving performance and personal productivity within relevant work and life areas

After completion of the Administration, Frontline & PA/Secretarial Skills training course the delegates will be able to:
• Effectively work as a team member by consistently applying accepted business behaviour and procedures
• Apply the principles of self development and enhance abilities to gain more knowledge on effective communication and office etiquette
• Apply effective procedures and behaviour to be an ambassador for the organisation
• Identify Key principles of Frontline Management
• Apply a professional corporate image
• Identify problems & solutions
• Understand Cultural diversity in the workplace
• Deal with complaints and irritated people
• Apply effective communication skills
• Understand Time management & planning
• Apply effective interpersonal interaction
• Implement & Understand Superior Customer Service

1 to 3 days:
• 1/2 days interactive workshops
• 1 day feedback/assignments (Optional)

Highly interactive and participative facilitation methods and techniques to enable delegates to gain experiential learning through lecture presentations, group work, role plays and case studies

• The workshop will take place at the client’s premises or at a venue mutually selected by the relevant representatives
• Venue requirements: Board room/Training Room with tables, chairs and water on the tables
• Learning aids requirements: Whiteboard and/or flipchart with pens, data projector

• Knowledge assessment: Both written and verbal assignments during the learning programme/workshops
• Competence assessment: 1 Assignment to be completed and presented to the facilitator for evaluation and feedback to evaluate applicable skills & knowledge


- M Antonio (Personal Assistant: SARS):
“I learned more about how important my role as a PA really is and to take pride in being the best PA I can be.”

- A Mhlanga (Receptionist: Rio Doce South Africa):
“I feel that now I am able to confront all difficulties and situations in my work as a secretary.”

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