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Leap into Leadership


This Leadership programme takes an innovative look at leadership intelligence in an inspirational way

• How to discover and value ones own competencies as a leader
• How to successfully manage and lead people
• How to develop inspirational leadership skills
• How to manage workplace and workforce

DAY 1:
• How to MANAGE, when to LEAD
• Organisational structures: value the purpose
• Effective Communication
• Human Behaviour: what drives, inspires & motivates people
• Different Leadership Styles
• Planning & Leadership

DAY 2:
• Quality Service Delivery
• Role of feedback
• Develop strategies to build & lead top performing teams
• Building credibility as a leader & a mentor
• Effective Delegation

DAY 3:
• Emotional Intelligence & Awareness
• Power of the brain & mind
• Productivity, efficiency & energy
• Change Management
• Recruit, select & retain
• Implement leadership theories

DAY 4:
• 1 day feedback/assignments (OPTIONAL)

• People who want to develop, improve and implement their leadership
skills in order to lead others to peak performance
• People in leadership positions or developing leaders

• To equip leaders with knowledge and skills to gain a better understanding of the concepts of leadership skills
• To expand leadership abilities within individuals or teams

After completion of the LEADERSHIP SKILLS training course the delegates will be able to:
• Understand and manage a personal development process
• Use creativity in own leadership abilities, talents and interests
• Apply principles of leadership
• Apply behavioral skills and techniques required of a leader
• Apply successful leadership skills to manage procedures to ensure successful leadership
• Identify personal areas for growth and development
• Draw up a leadership management manifest for personal and professional life


1-4 days: (To suit needs of specific Organisation)
1,2 or 3 days interactive workshops
• 1 day feedback/assignments (OPTIONAL)

Highly interactive and participative facilitation methods and techniques to enable delegates to gain experiential learning through lecture presentations, group work, role plays and case studies

• The workshop will take place at the client’s premises or at a venue mutually selected by the relevant representatives
• Venue requirements: Board room/Training Room with tables, chairs and water on the tables
• Learning aids requirements: Whiteboard and/or flipchart with pens, data projector

• Knowledge assessment: Both written and verbal assignments during the learning programme/workshops
• Competence assessment: Assignment to be completed and returned to the facilitator for evaluation and feedback to assess applicable skills & knowledge. (OPTIONAL)

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