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Coaching & Mentorship

Mentorship & Coaching Project Plan


1. To prepare delegates for their roles and responsibilities as mentors and Mentees in a structured mentoring programme which is to be used as a capacity building and diversity nurturing management tool
2. To equip delegates with the necessary mentoring tools and skills to:
• Understand and fulfill their roles in the mentor/mentee relationship
• Develop and nurture a relationship of trust and support
• Effectively manage their mentor/mentee relationship to a successful conclusion

Workshop 1:
Criteria for a successful mentoring process
• Personal Coaching Qualities
• Self knowledge
• Relationship Knowledge
• Work Environment

Workshop 2:
• Develop a Mentor & Coaching Model
• Coaching Indicators
• Coaching & Mentoring Sequence (Various Steps)
• Clear Priorities
• Communication Skills

Workshop 3:
• Intervention Types
• Assisting people to succeed
• Define challenges and Problems
• Changing behaviour
• Process of Intervention

Workshop 4:
• Coach & Mentor Process
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Feedback
• Evaluate a successful coaching and mentoring process

Workshop 5:
• Present a Mentor & Coaching Model (Mentors)
• Present an Assignment to LEAP, applicable Mentor and Management as decided/designed during mentee programme

Managers and employees ready to develop as mentors and mentees.

• To equip delegates with knowledge and skills to gain a better understanding of the concepts of Coaching and Mentoring
• To expand coaching & mentoring abilities within individuals or teams

After completion of the mentoring and coaching training course the delegates will be able to:
• Understand and manage their own thinking processes
• Understand the thinking processes of a mentor/mentee
• Apply the principles of mentoring and coaching
• Apply the mentoring and coaching process in relationships
• Manage expectations in a relationship
• Monitor progress, manage and evaluate the mentoring and coaching relationship

1, 2, 3,4 or 5 days:
• 1 - 4 days interactive workshops (To be discussed and agreed between LEAP & XX)
• 1 day feedback/assignments (Optional)


Highly interactive and participative facilitation methods and techniques to enable delegates to gain experiential learning through lecture presentations, group work, role plays and case studies

• The workshop will take place at the client’s premises or at a venue mutually selected by the relevant representatives.
• Venue requirements: Board room/Training Room with tables, chairs and water on the tables.
• Learning aids requirements: Whiteboard and/or flipchart with pens, data projector.


• Knowledge assessment: Both written and verbal assignments during the learning programme/workshops. (Days 1-4)
• Competence assessment: 1 Assignment to be completed and returned to the facilitator for evaluation and feedback to evaluate applicable skills & knowledge. (Day 5)

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